Private workshops allow you to learn the key elements and techniques of food styling. all while being surrounded by your closest friends, family and/or significant others.


Whether you choose to host privately in your home, or a private venue, Annapolis Cheese Girl will provide you with the tools to become a charcuterie enthusiast yourself.


5+ party people required ($70.00/person)

Learning a new skill can be intimidating, but we promise it's not! Our Private Workshop can be hosted in the privacy of your own home, or venue. It includes a 15 minute demonstration by our owner, Kat; where she assembles a sample cheeseboard as well as provides styling tips and yummy pairings.


You'll receive ample time to assemble your very own cheeseboard using your newly learned skills, and the provided boards and ingredients. Take your masterpiece to go, or enjoy it on the spot! Either way, your taste-buds will thank you.


3 hours total (1.5 hour set-up, 1.5 hour workshop)


5+ party people required ($35.00/person)

Think "90's Tupperware Party" but make it cheese! Our Perfect Pairings Party is lead by our owner, Kat, in the comfort of your own home, or event space, and is created for those looking for the perfect all-in-one bite. Indulge and sip as she guides you through delicious sample pairings of cheeses, jams, crackers and meats. 

This workshop is guaranteed to make your taste-buds sing!

1.5 hours total (30 minute set-up, 1 hour workshop)


5+ party people required (prices vary/person)

We love connecting with local businesses to bring two sets of interests together as one. Guests will receive a personal demonstration of how to curate a cheeseboard, as well as

hands-on guidance. Each attendee will assemble their very own cheeseboard using the provided ingredients of cheeses, cured meats, fruit, crackers, nuts, garnish, and a jam.


This class and price also includes a take-home box and a slate cheeseboard (unless another source of board is discussed). Companies that are part of this collaboration are encouraged to, but under no means required, provide a service or product of their own which will be added to the total workshop price.


2.5 hours total (1.5 hour set-up, 1 hour workshop)


Private - slate board included

Perfect pairings party - small wooden board included


must be within a 25 mile radius of Annapolis, MD

weekday workshop hours: 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

weekend workshop hours: 11 am - 8:00 pm

Our passion for our products will ensure your Private Workshop is shopped for and selected carefully, and presented

with fresh selections the day of your gathering. We ensure to handle all aspects of your workshop

along the Maryland food and safety guidelines.



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