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hey there fellow cheese-lover

i'm so happy you've found and are exploring Annapolis Cheese Girl! over here at ACG, we offer beautiful handmade products in the form of artisan floral cheeseboards.


each floral cheeseboard is made with so much love, attention, and care, and our goal is to transform your dining table, kitchen or coffee table into something unique!


Flourishing Details

our floral cheeseboards are handmade in our small workshop, and made carefully using epoxy resin and real pressed flowers. these artisan floral boards also come with a perfect pairings list and a step-by-step process on how to assemble your own personal cheeseboard.


we sell our products through etsy, and offer an array of colors, sizes, and shapes. our one-of-a-kind serving boards are perfect for hosting, gifting, or just as display. care instructions are listed under the details section;  however, your order will come with a care-card to ensure longevity.  happy shopping!


2021 Annapolis Cheese Girl

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